Was North Florida too far North?

Several months ago when we knew we’d be heading back to Texas in March, we made reservations at Kelly’s RV Park in North Florida near Lake City for February.   Albino Rhino  (another truck camper couple) had stayed at the same park and liked it because of the price and closeness to hiking, kayaking and biking trails. It helps to have a specific recommendation on a park, however I just hadn’t considered how chilly it might be here (again I’m whining about the cold).  It isn’t bad – just not the perfect 70 day and 55 night temps I’m desiring.

The price is hard to beat at a month at $300 + electric.  It is a private campground with mostly year-round mobile homes and some RV’ers.  Everyone is very friendly and they have an activity calendar of things to do each week – something very different for us since we are usually in the middle of the woods by ourselves.  Having so many other people around and an activity calendar makes it seem almost like a cruise.  There is an activity building with a TV (older style) we can watch anytime, community campfire rings (they supply the wood), and two fairly decent bathhouses.

A portion of the Suwanee River Conservation area borders the park and there are miles of trails that we’ve been exploring and fishing in the small ponds.  We also visited Falling Creek Falls Park near White Springs.  It is a neat small stream with a 10 foot drop waterfall.  The color of the water is stained brown because of the tannin in the pine needles to it looks like root beer flowing over the rocks.

Waterfall on Falling Creek

Waterfall on Falling Creek

Other areas we’ll be visiting soon will be fishing on the Suwanee, Stephen Foster State Park, and a couple of natural springs areas with Manatees.

Never thought I'd love a toaster so much

Since we’ve been on the road for seven months, we haven’t had toast. We have tried toasting bread and bagels on the open gas flames in the camper but it sets the smoke alarm off every time.  Turns out we REALLY miss and toast and bagels so we spent $6.50 and bought a toaster.  Luckily Glenn had turned our biggest cabinet into a different storage configuration by adding all shelves so I have room to keep it in the camper and don’t have to toss out something.  The toasted cinnamon bagel and cream cheese bagel was sooooooooo delicious.



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2 Responses to Was North Florida too far North?

  1. Mark Seneker says:

    It’s nice to know you can find a spot in Florida at a reasonable rate for this time of year. I was worried we would have to the stay in the southwest desert as an affordable stop. How are you guys doing with the smaller space? We have been considering the size of our eventual rig and all we know is it will be a 5th wheel.

    I’d read a truck camper may be a good way to go to Alaska. I’m reading a book, Travels with Charley, by John Steinbeck. Nice reading. He is traveling in a truck camper in 1960’s and telling the story.

    • gconthemove says:

      Other campers at this park said they came for the low price as well here and stayed because the other campers are so nice. Access to county, state, and federal trails is close. So far we are still getting along:O In a camper our size you have to REALLY like spending close up time together. We hate clutter so everything gets picked up and put away to minimize stress. You might not believe it, but we still have room in the camper for ‘stuff’ in case we need it. I didn’t want to pack it full when we hit the road. Thanks for the tip on the book – I hadn’t heard of that Steinbeck novel. Retirement has given me the time to read again!

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