Two edged sword – heading North in March

Leaving Mississippi the first of March to head north to the Canadian Maritimes has some good points — first choice at campsites in nearly empty parks and no lines at any tourist attractions.

Maybe heading too far north too soon

Since we are heading north before the ‘shoulder season’, it has been a little challenging to find open campgrounds but once we do, we are usually the only ones there.  Because I am a cold weather weeny, we haven’t done much hiking, biking, or boating so it has been great to have the little tow truck to explore back roads.

Huge sites at an amazing horse camping facility in Land Between the Lakes

The trek North at least for the rest of March and April will be a little zigzag as we play the weather.

We spent two weeks in central Tennessee and Kentucky and LOVED the Tennessee State Parks.  They are inexpensive – usually $21 – 25 and have made them great family destinations.   Kentucky state parks were not open yet, but prices were about $5 – 10 more per night.

Most rivers in this part of country are flooding

The timing was right for us to spend four nights at different campsites in Land Between the Lakes.  It was too cold for us to not be plugged in and many campgrounds were closed because of flooding but there are so many options for camping, it wasn’t an issue.   We scouted a bunch of dispersed sites to come back to in the future.  GREAT area since there is very little development due to area being a Federal National Rec Area.

During the tape/paint process

The AFTER paint glamour shot

Exciting for us is our new paint job on the ‘toy truck’. We wanted to spruce it up on the outside so used spray cans of bed liner paint.  I’ve always loved that look and with an older truck, it was the perfect opportunity to do it.  Turned out pretty good for four hours of work and $70 worth of paint (no repair on the rust spots).

Monument in Shiloh National Military Park

Another noteworthy area was the Shiloh National Military Park near Savannah, TN.

Monument in Shiloh

It is free admission and has a long driving tour with many short hikes.  There is a wonderful visitor center and a separate bookstore.  I pick up a little more knowledge with each Civil War site that we visit.  The battlefields are hollowed grounds to us – at Shiloh over 23,000 US citizens (almost all were volunteers to the military) were killed.  

This is the line up of new Corvettes to be delivered in next few days

Southern Kentucky is beautiful with rolling hills,  small streams, large horse farms, and to Vette lovers like Glenn, the National Corvette museum.  The museum is part of the GM Corvette plant and must have some large underwriters since it is HUGE.  I had to wipe the drool off Glenn’s face a few times!





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8 Responses to Two edged sword – heading North in March

  1. Simon & B says:

    That’s a really nice photo you are using for your main blog page!

  2. Marti says:

    Too bad you can’t go to Hilton Head SC it has been great weather most days. The truck looks good to me and I am glad you have it.

  3. Frab says:

    Love reading your blogs and adventures. Butch and I tried Arizona for a month this winter…..not the weather I’d prefer, We are back in Florida for a couple more weeks before heading back to Pennsylvania.

    • gconthemove says:

      We had a hard time with all the brown in Arizona for the winter – loved the temps though. We’ll be traveling through Pennsylvania this spring on way to Maritimes. I’ll send an email to see if we’ll even be close to you to get together for dinner or lunch.

  4. Kat Goetz says:

    You guys are brave. But you should probably prepare for some snow in the Maritimes if you get there too soon. I know they can still have snow into April and campgrounds might be slow to open.

    • gconthemove says:

      I really want to be a warm weather weeny but Glenn is on the ‘great sticker’ hunt to put up the state sticker on the camper for the Eastern states and we have to be in the state camping for at least 5 consecutive nights. We hope to be in Maine in June and go into Canada mid June.

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