Things we can’t live without part 4

You know how a favorite sweatshirt feels sooo good every time you put it on – plus it gives you the benefit of keeping you warm? Well after five years on the move, we’ve discovered many utilitan, daily-used items that continue to make our travel life better.

I’ve posted three other installments of “things that make our life easier” and thought some additionall items that might be useful to other RV travelers – especially those traveling in small campers/RV’s.


Coleman ComfortSmart Suspension Chair

There is nothing better than having a comfy place to sit and watch the clouds move, trees sway, the light moving along mountain ridges and oh yes – happy hour time. We have set in MANY diffeent types of camping chairs – in stores and at other RV’ers campsites When we settled on these chairs, we did the ‘Goldilocks move’ and must have sat in over 15 different chairs. Our Coleman Comfortsmart Suspension chairs are ‘just right’ for us – meshed high back so let the air flow, with enough lower back support for sitting and reading for an extended time. The bungie cord suspension helps you to sink into the chair and the ridged arms allow you to push out easily. They fold up into a rectangle and have a nice cover that we use since we carry them in the bed of the towed truck. Our last set lasted 4 1/2 years with only a few fixes to extend their life.

Outdoor Cocktail table

Camco Aluminum Folding Table

We didn’t have table to set out by the chairs when first starting out, then a friend gave us a small fabric foldup table that served us well for a couple of years. The search criteria for a new replacement were: easy to store, lightweight, a flat stable top surface big enough for my electric skillet and easy to wipe clean. The type we settled on does all that and comes in various sizes depending on your needs. It is square and stable which is perfect outside cooking or using it for snacks and happy hour drinks.

Instant Pot Mini

Instant Pot Duo Mini 3qt Pressure Cooker, Silver

Several of our family members have multi-pot cookers and love them. Why did I think it wasn’t for us? We have limited storage space, our kitchen area is too small to use it inside of the camper, and it needs an electric hookup so not compatible when boondocking. It took me two years of thinking about it to finally purchase the Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 quart. It does take half of a shelf inside the kitchen cabinet, but I’ve made it work. It has been so convenient for the way I like to cook — prepare something one time and use it for 2 -3 meals. When we are in a town and know we will get a campsite with electricity, I will buy rice, beans, eggs and several types of meat. Then for that day, all I do is cook. The pot is easy to clean out and so I cook one type of food after another. Then everything is packaged in freezer ziplocks for future meals. Note: I do store the plastic cover seal in a plastic ziplock bag to keep the smell of onion and garlic minimized since almost everything I cook has the ‘holy trinity’ in it and no mattter what I’ve done, the seal retains those odors.

Sink Cover

The camper came with a plastic sink cover – unfortunately it slid across both sink openings and didn’t stay put when using it for prep, etc. Our talented friend in Florida helped make a beautiful functional wooden cover that was divided betweeen the two sink openings so it was thicker to use in prepping foods and didn’t slide around when the camper was moving. Problem was it would get wet and because of the humid areas we were in, it warped. We went to a small RV show and found another solution – a dish rack. Glenn was able to take off the rubber edge and then cut each individual stainless bar and reinsert into the rubber edge so it fits perfectly in the sink ledge. Here why I like it better than the other sink covering solutions – it doesn’t move, you can set the cuting board on it for prep and it doesn’t flex, you can set a hot pan on it, and it doesn’t matter that it gets wet.

Cutting board

Because we are on the move often, it is nice to have a cutting board that can sit on the counter and not slide around. This one has just the right ratio of flexibility and rigidity – you can take it outside with veges, etc for cooking and curl it up to funnel chopped items in a pan . Having it easy to clean is a bonus since I only have vinegar and scrubby bubbles on hand for cleaning. The orange/grey color combo works for us, but there are other combos — both colors are the same material. Our Kitchen Gizmo works great for us.

Image result for 2 Sided TPU Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board
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