Retirement life in the back of the truck

At happy hour tonight we were watching the sunset over the river and discussing how retirement and living in a very small space is REALLY going.  We hadn’t stopped to contemplate this and we’ve had several friends and family asking.  (Maybe you all have been making side bets on how long we could be with each other 24/7 essentially in the back of a pickup.)

For the first four weeks of retirement we were busy at the house in Mississippi then traveling to our camp hosting job in Alabama.  Now we’ve been settled in to the same camp site for almost a month it was a good time to have an in depth conversation.

Some of our thoughts:

  • Surprised that we still have room in the camper for ‘stuff’.  We thought it would be loaded to the gills and we would be short on space and are pleased that it is not.  Neither of us like clutter so it makes it easier keep the inside and outside of camper cleaned up.
  • It is hard to stay focused on a personal ‘to do’ list. It is easier to go for a hike, bike ride, read a book, or visit with others and not make needed phone calls or do needed research, figuring out this blog, etc.
  • We have almost NO idea what is going on in the outside world.  Since leaving Texas we have only read a newspaper a handful of times and do not watch TV since we only get 1 – 2 channels.  We at least have internet access here at the campground, however when we get online we don’t read news – most researching future places to go.
  • Days go by FAST.
  • Now we understand why people go to WalMart.  We have pretty much avoided it during the past 20 years.  Since that we’ve been on the road and shopping in small towns, it has now become a destination for us.
  • You sort of miss eating out.  When we were working we had plenty of meetings for work at restaurants. Even though we didn’t eat out much in the evenings or weekends; lunch meetings filled the need to have a large selection of food choices. Now we are on a tight budget and don’t want to travel into a town just to eat so we eat what we have in the camper.  Now we don’t have a large fridge or pantry so I have to be pretty creative and Glenn has to be pretty open to eat the creative cooking.
  • It has been easier than we thought it would be to have just one phone and to mostly ignore it unless we need to call or text someone.  It stays in the camper and not attached to us.
  • We are getting used to being able to read a book whenever we want to which is a luxurious feeling.
  • Doing all of our bills online makes us think we are forgetting some since we only weaned ourselves off the paper checks a few months ago.  Also harder to keep track of expenses when it is all online and you want to conserve data usage.
  • Glenn has been able to alter his appearance by shaving his mustache (hadn’t had it off in 35 years) plus growing a beard, goatee, and a couple of other interesting looking combinations.
  • We are not tired of seeing each other all day, every day. (I know, I know- it has only been two months:))


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