On the Move Plans for 2019


Potential 2019 route

Near the end of each of the last four years we’ve been on the road, we like to set a rough course for the next 12 months.

Our planning conversations usually include: family activities (weddings, graduations, etc.), what states we haven’t been to, what friends or family  we haven’t seen recently, and then we start discussing the options.  We have found out the past five years, is that ‘life happens’ and our plans don’t always turn out like we thought.

So far, we have no big events that we need to attend for 2019 so the year was wide open.  To help us get focused for 2019, we wrote down the six main geographic areas/work opportunities we have been discussing during the past couple of years.  Then without looking at each others answers, we each individually assigned a ranking from 1 – 5 and then we compared notes.

I love it when we see things similarly!  After our ‘ranking’ exercise we were still trying to decide if Alaska would make it on our final but since we just bought a newer truck to tow, we thought we’d save expenses and stay in just the mountain states for the summer.

So the rough plan is to leave the Rio Grande Valley of Texas where we’ve stayed at 55+ resorts in Brownsville (Four Seasons for $445/mth) and Alamo (Casa Del Valle for $200/mth.  Both of these parks were offering first timer specials.  Having warm pools, hot tubs, pickleball, etc is kind of fun.  A month at each resort is probably enough for us – we would meet more people and get more involved if we stayed longer but I like being somewhere new.  (See previous post for choosing a 55+ park).

Then, depending on the federal government closures we’ll either head to Big Bend National Park or somewhere in West Texas.  Then off to New Mexico where they have a TERRIFIC deal in  the state parks- the annual permit is $225, and then you only pay $8 for a full hook up, $4 for electric, and $0 for no hookups per night.  We plan on staying a several different New Mexico State Parks for a total of couple of months and then heading north to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana for the summer.

Once fall hits, we’ll work the Sugar Beet Harvest in Minnesota and then we’ll head south to Arizona for the winter.

So far, that is the plan along with keeping up more posts on the blog:)  If you have any neat suggestions for hiking or fishing along our route, please let us know.


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3 Responses to On the Move Plans for 2019

  1. Patricia Bee says:

    Hi. When camping in Yuma in the private campgrounds are you able to take your camper off of the truck bed? I have read that this is an issue in some private campgrounds. My husband and I are planning on getting a northern lite truck camper when we become Canadian snowbirds. Your experience in a truck camper has greatly inspired us. We have a 30 ft trailer we have used for pass 11 years. But a truck camper is in our future.
    By the way I deeply enjoy reading your blog. Thanking you.

    • gconthemove says:

      We learned to ask if we are going to be in a private campground (state and national is never an issue) and planned to take the TC off. Some “resorts” won’t even allow a TC but this is usually listed in their website. Taking it off is not listed and caught us unaware.
      Before we had our towed truck, we made it work but had a couple of times we had to leave it on the truck and take the whole unit out sightseeing. Not a huge issue since TC’s are easy to get into most places.

  2. Edward Speed says:

    You are both so amazing!

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