Electronic Cord Management

the house we didn’t think much about all the cords for our electronic devices like computers, scanners, phones, camera etc because we had plenty of room.  In the small space of the camper, we needed to come up with a different solution to manage the clutter, etc.

At first it did seem absurd to take a whole cabinet and use it for CORDS, however it has worked great for us.  We can store the electronic device in the place best suited for it and store the cord in the highly functional, two-drawer storage unit that fits perfectly into the cabinet with no wasted space.  It is hard plastic with clear drawers so you can take a quick peek and see what cords lies curled up inside.  This one on Amazon is similar to ours.

Our cabinet for power cords

Our cabinet for power cords

Perfect fit for two drawers

Perfect fit for two drawers

Glenn does a much better job at putting the cords away.  He rolls them up in perfect fashion while my coils spring loose before I can even get them into the drawer  This storage device works well for both of us (even though sometimes I just smoosh it down and quickly close the drawer:)).  On many of the cords we use nifty Velcro s[amazon text=Amazon&asin=traps that are made for electronics.

Yikes - so many cords

Yikes – so many cords

Consolidating into one place has a side benefit.  You can quickly see if one cord will work on multiple devises so you can eliminate the extra cords.   We were able to get rid of several cords that were redundant  or not used.

2 Responses to Electronic Cord Management

  1. Tara Nelson says:

    We are thinking about getting a Lance 1172.
    Do you still like yours? Is it hard to get out of bed at nite without crawling over each other?
    We looked at Host Mammoth, but very expensive and heavy.
    Would you recommend the 1172?
    Tara and Warren

    • gconthemove says:

      We love the layout and the quality of our Lance. It helps to have the sofa in the back with pop up footrests. A bonus is the couch has storage under it and folds down to a bed. We have enjoyed the extra ‘butt room’ that the side slide gives us and the number of windows if fantastic. We try to camp near water so we almost always have a water view!

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