Things we can’t live without part III

In a truck camper or most RV’s, it is the small things that can make a big impact on making a space more functional and enjoyable.  People that have been avid backpackers or experienced RV’ers learn to do more with less, make sure an item has multiple uses, and are creative at maximizing every inch.

This is the third installment of some of the items we use often and have found to be helpful.

Fruit Hammock  

When we grocery shop, I’ve learned that fruits and vegetables can no longer be bought in bulk, but in 1’s and 2’s because of the limited space.  Glenn installed a fruit hammock under the main kitchen cabinet so it is out of the way and holds all the non refrigerated fruits and vegetables we need.  Because the camper moves so much while we are driving, the hammock swings and doesn’t touch or hit any walls.

Under table rug

Fits exactly under table

Fits exactly under table

Apache Mills, Inc. Brown Rectangular Door Mat : 18-in x 30-in;

Since we only have one sitting area, the carpet under the dining table could get pretty dirty.  I tried several different types of rugs, however they would bunch up whenever we sat down.  Glenn bought this mat from Lowe’s and custom cut it so it fit perfectly in the space under the table with a hole cut out for the table leg.  It is heavy enough to stay and easy to pull out of the camper and shake out the dust, etc.

Wire Mesh Serving Tray

Antique Black Iron Tray with Birds

In our “stick and brick” houses I never would have used this type of tray, however in the camper where we are taking lunches and dinner plates, food, etc outside, the tray is indispensable. It is lightweight and big enough  to carry what we need to the picnic table or grill.

Knife Holder

Having a safe place for knifes is essential when you are jostling down the road so they don’t slip off a counter or around in a drawer.  We mounted ours right below the kitchen sink on the inside of the cabinet door to make it easy to access them while cooking.  There are enough slots for a set of four steak knifes, a large chef knife and 3 smaller knives.

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