Things that make our small space life easier Part II

When I started the initial post for the things we love that have made our life easier and better in the camper, I ended up with waaaaaay toooo many for just one post.  So take a look at these and let me know what you think — what do you have that makes you RV’g time better?

Even when we are backpacking; I have tea every morning, so in the camper it is not- negotiable.  Glenn likes a cup of coffee loaded (really loaded) with flavored sweet cream so we needed a way to fix enough hot water quickly while boondocking for us both.

The Collapsible Coffee pot is the answer for us.  It is silicone, holds 40 ounces, and collapses down to about 2 1/2 inches.  It weighs only 13 ounces so is lightweight  because we try not to load our cabinets down with excess weight.  The handle remains cool to the touch even after the eight minutes of ‘flame’ to get it up to boiling.  The bottom is stainless steel and doesn’t ‘burnish’ with the propane flame for easier clean up.

Outside doesn't get hot to touch.

Handle doesn’t get hot to touch.



Tea Pot Collapsed

Tea Pot Collapsed







With boondocking as much as possible, we needed a way to stay cooler without using the A/C and the Marine Caframo Bora 3 Speed Fan is perfect for us. Bora Three-Speed FansIt can be rotated 360 degrees for us to use in our bedroom or to turn and have it blow into the kitchen area. It doesn’t use much of our battery power since it is 12 volt and low speed draws  .15 amps and  high speed only .29 amps.   It is small for RV use (Height 9 ” x Width 6 1/4″ x Depth 4″) .  It can be mounted upside down or sideways so it is a flexible fix in tight RV spaces.

A bonus is that it helps keep mosquitoes from buzzing in your ears during the night!  Since we like to camp next to water, we seem to always have a few pesky devils that we can’t locate.

Lynx Levelers

Most places we camp are not level and so we need a quick way to level front to back, left to right.  Oh yes- be light weight, be compact for storage, and be easy to clean.  These plastic levelers help out immensely.  They come with a carrying case but we store them in the wheel wells of the truck when the camper is loaded.  (We have three doors that we can access this space from inside the camper.  We bought a pack of eight, but wish we had a couple more for those really “crazy” spots we end up in.

Outside door mat

Product Details

Great ‘welcome’ mat

Those of you that camp know it is tough to keep the outside dirt – outside.  We cut a one strip section off this floor anti fatigue mat to use as our outside mat.  It is perfect – it is 1/2 think with plenty of holes so you can rub your feet and the debris falls through the holes.  If it rains, it doesn’t hold water and shakes off easily.  When you are ready to get on the road, it is easy to snap it against a fence post, on the ground, or against a tree to clean out any dirt.  I then have an old king sized pillowcase that I lay just inside the camper door to put it on until we get to our next destination.  Since it is 3 ft x 1 ft, it fits perfectly on the floor between the bathroom and the dining room.

Covered Ice Cube Trays

We have tried to have happy hour most nights on the road – something weCovered ice cube trays rarely did in our ‘sticks and bricks’ house.  We do have a freezer in the camper, however it is small.  These ice cube trays fit perfectly on the bottom of the freezer making them a very quick freeze during the day and then they are ready for our evening drinks.  Even if we fill them in the morning and then start off down the road, the covers keep them from leaking or sticking to the bottom of the freezer.






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  1. Love the coffee pot! Gonna have to get one.

  2. Cool stuff! Really like the teapot!

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