Lake Texana — Practicing for Full Timing

The weekend before moving from Texas we thought it was a good chance for us to put all the equipment the truck and the camper enjoy some outdoor time. We were going to meet up with Wanda & Keith and Georgiana & Jim who we met at the Texas truck camper rally. Unfortunately they were unable to come but in the true spirit of getting ready to retire we decided to go. In Edna on Lake Texana there are two separate campgrounds – Brackenridge and Texana Park. Texana Park used to be a state park so has more wooded, larger sites. We stayed right on the water so we could pull up the boat to go out to set Juggers for catfishing.

As soon as we unfolded the Porta Bote – it was a ‘what the heck’ magnet for the other campers. Since this was only our second time putting the boat together, we didn’t meet the “Glenn Blount” optimal time, however we made it lake-ready quickly. We set out lines in the morning and evenings to beat the 95 degree afternoons and pulled in about six catfish. A nice way to spend a long weekend before our time to pack our boxes and head to Mississippi.

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