What the *#%& – a $6 piece of fruit?

Every relationship has those times when your partner does something that is so out of character for them that it makes it worth sharing (especially since I do the writing for this:)).

As a teenager Glenn worked at Publix, a grocery store in Florida.  He has fond memories of this very southeast regional store so when we saw one in Montgomery, AL, we went to do our weekly shopping.  It is a very clean, well organized store with first class merchandising.  In pursuing the veges and fruits, Glenn spotted a pummelo and wondered about it.  The produce manager was close by and we were impressed because he was dressed in a long sleeve, button down shirts with a tie.  The produce manager was knowledgeable and explained it was a hybrid of a grapefruit and melon grown in Florida and was very tasty.  Glenn was sold and plopped it into the cart.

At check out screen showing the scanned food prices, I’m looking and up pops a $6 Pummelo.  What??? I turned to Glenn and gave him a “what the heck” look, which of course he grinned away, so the big fruit made it into the camper.

It was good for a one-time treat, but holy smokes not $6 good:)

The most expensive grapefruit - ever!

The most expensive grapefruit – ever!

It is huge- good for two breakfasts!

It is huge- good for two breakfasts!

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2 Responses to What the *#%& – a $6 piece of fruit?

  1. Rene Kipp says:

    When we were visiting our son in Oklahoma this past Christmas, he happened to see a pummelo at the store and bought it. It was around $4. I don’t think he picked a good one though because it was dry and mealy. I think I’ll stick to the standard grapefruit 🙂

    • gconthemove says:

      I agree – choosing the ‘regular, non-exotic’ fruit that is edible is costly enough without selecting the high dollar varieties. Also our itty-bitty vegetable bin in our small fridge really just allows for the basics.

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