Trying to skirt the cold weather in Southern Indiana

We were going to head to Michigan from St Louis going North to Chicago and then go to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.  This sounded good until we saw the cold temps in the Michigan and Northern Indiana weather report, so we decided to go straight East.  We ended up at O’Bannon Woods State Park in Southern Illinois – almost at the Kentucky line – on the Ohio River.

It is a HUGE park – the three camping loops are all in one area of the park, each with a separate bath house.  There are several trails – the longest one is 25 miles – pretty long by most state park standards.  There is also an old homestead that they use for ‘living demonstrations’ and a large aquatic center.  The area is heavily forested, hilly,  and you can see the Ohio River from several places within the park, especially the 120 foot firetower that Glenn climbed (I made it to the second set of steps then sat down clutching the rails).

Approximately 120 feet tall Firetower

Approximately 120 feet tall Firetower

We thought it was going to be a bargain at $14 a night which is winter rates, but we timed it just at rates were changing and it ended up being $26 Thur – Sun and $19 Mon – Wed.  We were one of just a handful of other campers so it was very peaceful and we didn’t see many people on our walks.

Sunset from our campsite

Sunset from our campsite

Our spot at O'Bannon Woods State Park

Our spot at O’Bannon Woods State Park






The drive getting there was really beautiful using Scenic Route 62 which winds through some beautiful, hilly farmland.  We needed this relaxing drive after our incident on the expressway driving through Illinois.  Our cargo bag on top of the camper came off going 60 MPH and was waiting in the middle of the three lane expressway for Glenn to ‘play frogger’ and get it.  He was unharmed and the bag was too damaged to use it, but it held together and all our gear inside was fine.  The Rightline Sport Cartop Carrier  bag held all our extra seasonal clothes and backpacking gear.  We called the Rightline Gear company and their Customer Service was WONDERFUL.  They followed up with our incident, got specific details, and sent us a new bag within two days.  We really like the bag because the size is flexible and very waterproof.

Even with no leaf cover, still pretty

Even with no leaf cover, still pretty


Shaggy Hickory bark

Shaggy Hickory bark

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4 Responses to Trying to skirt the cold weather in Southern Indiana

  1. Judy says:

    The weather sure has taken an ugly turn. I’m blaming it all on my sister, who is returning home today after six months in AZ. Happy for you that you retrieved your gear bag. Seems like it would have been easy not even to notice that it was gone.

    Safe travels. If you do come near Grand Rapids, give us a holler.

    • gconthemove says:

      We are in Michigan now and as you know, it is cccccooollllddd. Because of the camper-related projects to do before heading to Alaska at the end of the month, we’ve had to work outside anyway:/. Glenn noticed it on the back up camera at the same time a guy drove by and gave us the “holy crap something is wrong honk and wave.

      I had grandiose plans while we were here to see old friends and new camping friends, however our projects have taken more time than we thought. We’ll hopefully catch you on the road during your next round of trips.

  2. james says:

    would love to see a video of Glenn getting the bag!! Glad you are o.k.

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