This ATM actually had Glenn begging to get cash

We try to put everything on our credit card since we get 2% cash back (Citi Double Cash), however we do need cash from time to time.  Handling finances on the road is pretty easy being a member of a large credit union.  TDECU gives us access to thousands of ‘shared branches’ which means that you can go into a credit union in almost any city and do your simple transactions.  In addition, we have access to thousands of free ATM’s in every state and free online banking. (No, this wasn’t a paid commercial endorsement — just true love:))

We use the TDECU phone apps showing shared branches and free in-network ATM’s.  Soldotna, AK had an ATM — only 1/2 mile away while the nearest branch was 10 miles so off we went to the ATM.

The only Free ATM location within 50 miles

Not a normal ATM location – but I see the advantage

Good Time Charlies was only listing that showed up on our list of free ATM’s, so we headed 1/2 mile out of town to find it.  We pulled up to see SHOWGIRLS!  Showgirls in a town of 4,100??? Glenn was sooooooo helpful and volunteered to go into Good Time Charlies and make the withdrawal.  No way — how much of the withdrawal would he really come out with after he went in?:)

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