The tools we carry with us and rear seat storage modification

Before we started traveling full time in our truck camper, we thought (mostly Glenn) long and hard about what type of tools we would need for road side emergencies, day to day use, and those ‘oh crap’ moments.

plywood floor platform

plywood floor platform

back board for hanging tools on

Back board for hanging tools on

First Glenn needed to modify the back seat of our 2012 F350 so we could accommodate the tools and other totes for spare clothes, extra food, camp chairs, backpacking equipment, etc.

After removing the seat, speakers, and seat belts he made a platform out of 3/4″ plywood to set the totes on, items under the platform and then made a back board for hanging tools on.

All the necessary travel tools

All the necessary travel tools

The two tool bags most everything fits in

The two tool bags most everything fits in

Here is the list of what tools we carry:

  • heavy duty jumper cables
  • 30 ft extension cord
  • impact wrench with sockets
  • cordless drill with extra battery
  • air compressor with hose
  • electrical tape
  • SAE wrenches
  • SAE and Metric sockets with drives
  • mini hacksaw
  • phillips tip screwdrivers
  • level
  • electrical tester
  • volt meter
  • metric wrenches
  • SAE and Metric allen wrenches
  • metal files
  • tape measure 16 ft
  • small hammer
  • awl
  • large and small crescent wrench
  • flat tip screwdrivers
  • side cutters
  • needle nose pliers
  • channel locks

The only things I haven’t used in the first 14 months of full time travel are the impact wrench and jumper cables because we haven’t had a flat tire or dead engine.  For the smaller items, we haven’t used the metal files or the awl . I have 40 sockets and have used 4 – 5 sizes so far.  Not that any of them could be omitted because with future tweeks and repairs,  I might need additional socket sizes.  Other tools we carry that aren’t pictured are branch cutters, another extension cord and reflective triangles in case we break down at night.

All the tools except for air compressor, jumper cables, extension cord, impact tool and cordless drill fit in the two small bags pictured above.  Other tools fit under the plywood platform that I made to carry the storage totes  after I took out rear seat.

platforms painted black with one tote - we carry three

platforms painted black with one tote – we carry three


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4 Responses to The tools we carry with us and rear seat storage modification

  1. Kate Goetz says:

    This is very synchronous! We’re pondering our back seat storage modification right now.

    • gconthemove says:

      We researched so many solutions before we started traveling but this turned out to be the most flexible and cost effective for us. If you want more pictures, let me know. Glenn said hardest thing was taking out the speakers.

      • Kate Goetz (home) says:

        If you have more pictures that would be great. We’re considering something very similar although we’ll need to build higher platform with the bins underneath. We’ve got two small dogs so the top will need to serve as their bed.

        • gconthemove says:

          I’ll be glad to send some your way. Glenn just added a shelf to make ours a two layers plus space under the bottom shelf. It really facilitates organization. It might work for you to two for putting dog beds on top.

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