The story of how the gym rings kicked my butt.

If you are older than 30, you have probably had a time or two that your mind said “I can do this” but your body wholly rejected the idea.  Well I’ve had a few of those times in the past 20 years and this week was no exception.  It started with Glenn and I on a nature trail walk.  Along the trail some sadist installed fitness stations to really make it a ‘full experience’.  First fitness station was the chin-up bar and I was able to do ZERO – Glenn one.  Next up was the hanging rings.  “Certainly I can do this,” I thought.  Wrong-oooo.  Good thing Glenn did not have the phone with video capacity as I was trying to convince my legs to flip over my head over and over again.

So not to feel completely deflated, I tried a cartwheel.  Yippee – success.  Then I was cocky and wanted to try a cartwheel starting on the opposite hand.  Holy smokes… I felt and heard things pop and grown that had no business making those sounds.  Now I am sore and humbled.

Since we are the youngsters at the campground I see daily what my physical future looks like unless I start pushing myself.  My plan is to build up some upper body muscle in the next few weeks and try those rings one more time before leaving the park at the end of November.

The evil rings

The evil rings



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  1. Hi Glenn and Caite

    Yes! We really enjoyed FoscueCoe. We are always happy to show off Lady Blue.
    Our blog started with our Lazy Daze and trying to keep track of our travels and send pictures to our family and friends. There is a lot we are still learning!

    If you have a chance go back to our Sequoia visit in March 2014. That was just one of the places that would never fit
    our old 5th wheel, but was perfect for the 24 foot or your truck camper. Places like Yosemite would fit a larger unit, but not many sites are large. We had no problem without reservations.

    If you haven’t already found it, check out the Yahoo group Lifewithalazydazerv. A lot of information and the guy who knows a lot is Andy Baird who has his own section with history and other info.

    You probably already have
    I have enjoyed that magazine for some of the stories as well as the camper info.

    We hope we meet with you again. We certainly have FoscueCoe listed as one of our favorites.

    Bruce and Jan

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    • gconthemove says:

      We still think about the terrific view-a-rama you have from your dining area. So wonderful! Glad to hear about other places to go that the ‘big rigs’ can’t get in – we hope to be away from crowds as much as possible and think our truck camper can get us there. Keep in touch so we can hear about your travels.

  2. Pat Abson says:

    Hope springs eternal…;-)

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