Yuma, AZ for winter and choosing a seasonal park


Yes, yes, yes it has been a long time since my last post.  We are winding down our stay in Yuma, AZ and have enjoyed our stay in three different parks.  Last fall I found a special online deal for …

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Prepping for the NEW camper


You know us – we are pretty minimalist in our lifestyle.  When you live in less than 150 sq ft carried on the back of a truck you have to be space conscious and weight conscious. In celebrating our two …

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My “doh” realization….we do live in a Tiny Home

When we were still working and had a house, all we had was an over-the-air TV antenna.  We worked long hours and when we weren’t working we wanted to be outside, so having a TV service didn’t “pay” for us.  …

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Why we are ‘working’ again and how we decided


We are on our second ‘tour of duty’ of camp hosting at Foscue Creek Campground in Demopolis, AL and several people have asked us why. Really the “why” questions really revolve around two general areas – the “why” are you …

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Cattail Cove State Park, AZ


Lake Havasu in Arizona is a large lake on the Colorado River – we wanted to put the boat in the water and make sure we  Lake Havasu City and the big pleasure boats.  We found Cattail Cove State Park  …

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