Why we are ‘working’ again and how we decided


We are on our second ‘tour of duty’ of camp hosting at Foscue Creek Campground in Demopolis, AL and several people have asked us why. Really the “why” questions really revolve around two general areas – the “why” are you …

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Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument


Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument had surfaced in several travel blogs we read as a remote national monument (our version of not crowded) with good hiking.  It is in southern Arizona in the Sonoran Desert bordering Mexico.  After living in …

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The tools we carry with us and rear seat storage modification


Before we started traveling full time in our truck camper, we thought (mostly Glenn) long and hard about what type of tools we would need for road side emergencies, day to day use, and those ‘oh crap’ moments. First Glenn …

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Fort Rock and Abert Rims


Like a desert mirage, this natural landmark of Fort Rock rises huge out of the barren, immense flatness of Oregon’s high desert. An enormous near-circle of towering jagged rock walls made this a landmark for travelers during the Westward expansion. …

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Homer – first you see it, now you don’t


Homer, AK is one of the most Westerly portions of AK accessible by road and is known for excellent Halibut fishing. The tide movement is CRAZY — four times a day and up to 19 feet difference in water level. …

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