On the Move Plans for 2019


  Near the end of each of the last four years we’ve been on the road, we like to set a rough course for the next 12 months. Our planning conversations usually include: family activities (weddings, graduations, etc.), what states …

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A look back at a budget-busting, rockin’ 2018


Holy moly – it really is the end of the year and time for us to reflect back on our life ‘on the move’.   Near the end of 2017 we set a rough plan on where we would go.  …

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2018 Travel Plans, Healthcare, and Finances


2018 is a BIG travel year for us meaning lots of miles — probably over 7,300!  After New Years in the Keys, we will hit several Eastern states, leave our tow in Michigan, and work our way to the Canadian …

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Good Fishing is soooo addictive


After our daughters wedding in Austin and seeing some old friends and neighbors, we now have two months to make it to Yuma where we will spend the winter.  Since we travel at a snails pace, we need lots of …

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40,000 stressed bees and seriously on the edge in Southern Colorado


We wrapped up our summer campground management in Oregon to start heading to Texas for our daughters wedding.  We loved the campground but with every job there is always one person that you encounter that you think “what the craziness …

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