40,000 stressed bees and seriously on the edge in Southern Colorado


We wrapped up our summer campground management in Oregon to start heading to Texas for our daughters wedding.  We loved the campground but with every job there is always one person that you encounter that you think “what the craziness …

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Oregon’s Outback and The Steens


Last year when we meandered into Eastern Oregon, people raved about the Steens Mountains and how we HAD to see them.  Last week we took a quick trip over to see the area called Oregon’s Outback and the Steens.  They …

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My “doh” realization….we do live in a Tiny Home

When we were still working and had a house, all we had was an over-the-air TV antenna.  We worked long hours and when we weren’t working we wanted to be outside, so having a TV service didn’t “pay” for us.  …

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Utah and some travel tips


On our way to Oregon from Alabama, we pushed ourselves to drive WAAAAY more than normal so we could spend two weeks in Utah.  So was the extra hours of ‘seat time’ worth it?   Absolutely!  This was our first journey …

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Selecting and managing clothing in a small space


For those of you that live in an RV or travel extensively, you are masters of planning and organizing clothing.  Especially in a small-space truck camper, clothes that are only needed once a year -like …I MIGHT be invited to …

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