Strange campground showers

Before we retired, most of our vacations consisted of backpacking trips.  When you are walking 6 – 8 hours a day and carrying all your gear; you carry only enough water for drinking and meal prep.  Pretty much you do without bathing and put up with the stench.  Yes, we did the baby wipes and the occasional ‘bird bath’ to feel somewhat refreshed, but mostly waited until we were back at home for a long hot shower.

Now with traveling almost full time in our truck camper, when we get to a campground; we use their showers because we have a tiny wet bath and don’t want the humidity in the camper.  During the past seven months we have experienced a variety of types of campgrounds — national parks, national forests, private campgrounds, and state parks and have experienced some odd bathroom arrangements.

No campground bathroom will ever be as clean as mine so I’ve lowered my expectations and most of the time they are acceptable (some places I have to just have to close my eyes). However, we have been amazed at some of the configurations and designs of bath houses and thought we’d share some of our ‘musings’:

–A shower with only one button to push which gave you no ability to regulate the flow or the temperature of the water.  It was hot and muggy during our time there and the water temperature was close to scalding.

–During the winter, we stayed at several places with no heat in the bathrooms but at one place, ceiling fans were running with no shut off – making it extra cold.

–One campground had no front door on the men’s or women’s bathrooms and only partial walls separating the men’s and women’s so you could hear everything in ‘your side’ and ‘their side’.   To make it worse, inside the bathroom had no doors – only shower curtains which blew around because of no outside door.

–One control switch for lights in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms located in JUST the men’s bathroom.

–An open shower room with 3 – 4 shower heads like high school except that in the last 40 years I’ve sort of gotten used to showering by myself:)

–No place to set your stuff down or to hang anything up – no hooks, chairs, benches, or anything

–Not really a shower issue but a pet peeve is no soap in the bathroom for hand washing.  Many federal and state facilities don’t have paper  towels for hand drying and I understand that ‘piggly people’ have caused this to be removed.



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2 Responses to Strange campground showers

  1. Having been a backpacker for years I can relate to using baby wipes or lying down in a 55 degree stream. Feels good either way. Now I have to say you are more adventures than me by using camp ground showers 100% of the time. Good post. I’m sure anyone full-timing without a shower would want to know how it is done.

    • gconthemove says:

      Ahh…love to hear from a fellow backpacker. Some of our ‘weird’ camping places could have been avoided if I would have asked better questions when checking with rangers or office staff. I am getting better but still make bone-headed assumptions.

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