Skidaway Island SP, GA and $200 of small print

When we registered with state of Georgia to camp host, we received a coupon for five nights free at any Georgia State Park.  I am NOT a detail reader so had the detail minded Glenn double check the coupon verbiage to make sure we were eligible.  We coveted that coupon all the way across Georgia — not wanting to use it at a ‘cheaper park’ – saving for a more expensive park. When we talked to the front desk of Skidaway Island State Park, near Savannah, GA, we were promptly deflated.  The pass did not apply for our situation.

You know when you have mentally committed to something and you just can’t force yourself to back out?  This was us — spending $200 for the campsite that we had NOT planned on.  For the budget-blowing price it did have many amenities like huge sites with vegetation growing between the sites making it feel very private.  There are three loops within the campground with three decent bathhouses.  Each bathhouse even had a washer/dryer for $1.25 load.  There are several trails which we hiked and biked.

The coolest thing for me was free ranger-led programs.  Jenny, the camp ranger, was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about educating.  We did the survival skills course and the animal skull identification.   They had a interpretive center with lots of neat mounts and information and some live animals native to the area.  Glenn did something I thought would NEVER happen — he touched a snake.  This was after Jenny held the snake, let it slide around her neck, and tell us what a sweet personality the snake had. (Not sure if this is the line she gives all the fearful adults:)

We also went to Savannah for a day – no pictures to post since the city is very photographed and easy to find pics of the historical parks and homes.  We took P & J’s and sat by the river and enjoyed watching the traffic then walked through most of the squares and historic neighborhoods.  Money saving tip is to park at the International Convention Center for free ($5 if there is an event going on) and ride the free ferry across the river to River Street.  The center is easy to get to and parking is easy.  We called several garages before we went and whenever we said 350 dually they politely said we were too big.

We also took a day trip to Tybee Island with the goal of going up in the lighthouse.  We ended up eating a picnic lunch on the beach and walking on the long boardwalk.  After the $200 unexpected expense, we didn’t want to pay the $10 each person for the lighthouse access.

December is a great time to go to these destinations — not many crowds to fight and weather was pleasant.

Next up is my sister’s in Bluffton, SC.

Huge campsite at Skidaway SP

Huge campsite at Skidaway SP

Extra interesting fungus on side of tree

Never seen a fungus growth like this on side of tree

Cool people with vintage truck camper

Cool people with vintage truck camper and loading rack

Beach at Tybee -very clean

Beach at Tybee -very clean and large

Boardwalk at Tybee Island

Boardwalk at Tybee Island

Yes -- I could even get down:)

Yes — I could even get down:)

Diseased tree surrounding a still hard heart

Diseased tree surrounding a still hard heart

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4 Responses to Skidaway Island SP, GA and $200 of small print

  1. Barb and Glen VanDyk says:

    Made it to MI! Keep on trucking and sharing your journey! Hope to see you in the spring!

    • gconthemove says:

      Glad to hear that you took a little more time enjoying your journey before going back to the snow bound north. Did you see the Skidaway post with your camper? We hope to meet up with you both in April when we get to Michigan.

  2. gconthemove says:

    We sure will! We had fun and a great lunch with you two in Charleston.

  3. Marijke Schellenbach says:

    Great pictures! Keep us up to date.

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