Reallly…love at first sight?

For the past couple of years we had been planning on retiring and having the ‘what will we do’ conversations.  We love hiking, backpacking, biking, and fishing but didn’t know how we would travel for those activities.  Then Waylon called.  Now Waylon is pretty great, however Waylon’s parents are extra special.  They were visiting him  so we went over to say hi and that is when we fell in love.  They opened the door of their truck camper and we went inside and it really was that “this is it” feeling for us.  We started prepping from that day to buy the right truck and after some begging from us, bought his parents truck camper.  Now we are about one month away from the end of 35 years of working full time and getting ‘on the move’.

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7 Responses to Reallly…love at first sight?

  1. Coley and Elsie says:

    I think this blog thing is really cool. (Is that term still used?). A great way to keep up with you guys. So don’t think you will be dropping out of site on us. We will be looking forward to new posts regularly. Happy trails!

  2. Shelly Johnson says:

    Let the adventure begin!!!!

  3. Matthew Diaz says:

    Hi Caite. How was the first day of your new found freedom? You are not missing much at work. Today was the same as yesterday. Tomorrow will be like today and on and on. You guys have fun exploring the world. Take lots of good pictures.

  4. Craig Derouen says:

    Missed yall at TDECU, you were already gone…If yall have time, would love to see you when you
    pass through Louisiana. If you come this way.
    Phone 337-313-3053, leave message if you want to…
    Craig and Jo

    • gconthemove says:

      Craig – Thought we might have time to meet you in LA on our way to MS, however a road closure on I-10 for two hours put a crimp in our schedule. Maybe you both can make it to AL to see us – we’ll be there end of August until end of November. If it doesn’t work, we’ll be coming back to Texas in the spring and will see you then. Thanks for showing us how much fun retirement should be!

  5. Diana Hall says:

    I am sooooooo happy for both of you. I remember many years ago you told me that you really wanted to travel and do “Peace Corps” type of volunteering so it’s so good to see you living your dream. What a loss for your respective employers but what fun for you! Now that I’m in Georgia you can swing by to see me!

    • gconthemove says:

      Diana – Congrats on your new position and know you will do ‘great things’. Our travel lifestyle in the US will be like “Peace Corps Lite” since we will have so many volunteer opportunities but can enjoy some creature comforts in our truck camper. We plan to spend time in Georgia since there are so many great areas to hike and fish. I will contact you once we know when we will be over your way.

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