Prepping for the NEW camper

You know us – we are pretty minimalist in our lifestyle.  When you live in less than 150 sq ft carried on the back of a truck you have to be space conscious and weight conscious.

In celebrating our two year anniversary of being on the road full time, we were having the discussion of what we like best about this lifestyle and what we miss.  Well as innocent as it started, that conversation lead to us selling our beloved truck camper and buying a NEW one.  (BTW- Oregon is a great state to sell a truck camper in since it is a more popular camper type than in other parts of the US.  The man that bought ours didn’t even look inside, saying if was as nice on the inside as the outside he was happy.)

Our Lance 1010 leaving us with the new owner

Our Lance 1010 leaving us with the new owner

Turns out from our conversation is what we missed is the ability to put our feet up.  Yep feet up.  Not more space, not satellite tv, not more toys — feet up. When we made the decision to travel  via truck camper, we intentionally overbought our truck to handle any future upgrades we might make.

The object of our desire — the couch with foot rests!

Truck campers have come a LOOOOOG way in the past few years and there are many large models with reclining/popup foot rests.  We loved the quality of our Lance and liked their 2-slide floor plan the best of any model on the market.  The sofa is one piece instead of two separate theater seats and has two separate foot rests.

We pickup our new Lance 1172 next week in Tacoma, WA.  It is larger and heavier – almost 4,400 lbs which is 1,100lbs more than our previous model.  We will miss the storage that we we had in our old camper – with two slides there is more ‘butt room’ as one salesperson said, but fewer cabinets.  So with less storage and not wanting to overburden the truck with excess weight has made us look at EVERYTHING.  It is down to looking at the ounces of everything now — unless I want to go on a diet:) 



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10 Responses to Prepping for the NEW camper

  1. Fran and Butch says:

    Congratulations on your new camper. We too went from a Trailmanor that you needed to do some setup to a Rockwood Mini…….and are looking forward to heading south again this winter. Safe travels!!!!

    • gconthemove says:

      We loved the Trailmanor — did it get to be too much setup/take down? Where will you be for the winter? We are planning on Yuma.

      • Fran Thompson says:

        The Trailmanor was really great to pull around the U.S. but I would rather not have to set up. Makes stopping for a night so much easier now. We will be in Florida this winter……month of February about an hr from ft. Myers…Before and after that….couple weeks here and there. Leaving home January 3. Anywhere out of Pennsylvania will be just awesome! Safe travels. I love camping.

  2. Kate Goetz says:

    Very, very exciting. Can’t wait to find out how you guys make it your own.

  3. We sure do understand the thing about having your feet up. Last year, we decided to permanently take down our dinette, and leave it in the ‘couch’ position. As John usually relaxes and reads on the bed, this gave me a spot to curl up with my feet up, too. It’s been a great change, and we feel like it gives us a bit more room. We haven’t really missed the table too much, as we usually eat outside.

    Can’t believe a camper buyer wouldn’t look at the inside. That’s crazy!

    Camp on.

  4. Abase says:

    Congrats! It looks beautiful. We are starting to narrow down our search to finding the best price. We know what we want so the hardest part is completed. We are looking outside our state and would appreciate any suggestions on what to ask a sales person over the phone to weed out which is worth driving/flying out to see. Thanks for sharing.

    • gconthemove says:

      We did visit a few dealers to make sure we knew the model we wanted and then we decided on the options that were ‘must have/nice to have’. After that we printed several copies from the brochure and started calling Lance dealers within a 5 state area and getting their price and we indicated on the brochure copy which options were on the unit. This enabled us to compare apples to apples. Our preferred dealer in Texas was too far at this point in our travels so we decided to go for best price. We posted on LOA (Lance Owners of America) to see if anyone had suggestions of dealers close to Oregon and we got two suggestions that we had not called. They are small family owned dealerships that deal in volume so their margins were lower. Saved several thousands $$ plus no sales tax to purchase in Washington since we are out of state buyers and Texas doesn’t require registration of truck campers. Our questions to the salespeople were about the options and what is the ‘drive out’ price. You uncover all kinds of add-on fees that way. Good luck — it is an adventure to buy a new rig!

  5. Susan Bowen says:

    Lance is the best. Congratulations on your new camper. We currently live in a Lance 1685 trailer and have been on the road 13 months now. We wouldn’t have any other trailer and when we settle in one place will get a Lance truck camper. Enjoy and safe travels. Susan

    • gconthemove says:

      The Lance trailers are built so well too. We have a friend we’ve met on LOA (Lance Owners of America) that came to the campground with their new Lance trailer. Sooooo nice! Do you do a blog on your travels? We are always looking for neat places to see/do/go.

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