My “doh” realization….we do live in a Tiny Home

When we were still working and had a house, all we had was an over-the-air TV antenna.  We worked long hours and when we weren’t working we wanted to be outside, so having a TV service didn’t “pay” for us.  Since we’ve been traveling for almost two years in our truck camper, we rarely even turn on the TV to see if we can get a channel through the over-the-air TV antenna.

All that has changed with our friend James who is camp hosting with us this summer in Oregon.  He has satellite TV service and offered to loan us a receiver and share his signal.  So—we now have access to hundreds of options and our first show we tuned in was Tiny Houses.  After watching three back-to-back episodes (is that binging?), I tell Glenn that they look sooooo small.  Nicely he helps remind me that we live in a smaller space than most of the featured models …a whopping 136 sq ft for us.

That was my duh moment.  We are really doing fine in our small space and have been in lots of different places and situations and so far haven’t missed anything.  Ten or twenty years ago we would have been considered hobos and now this RV travel lifestyle is becoming chic with retiring seniors and younger families.

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4 Responses to My “doh” realization….we do live in a Tiny Home

  1. Keith says:

    It will be interesting to see how access to tv will change your traveling. I’m certainly not judging, just curious.

  2. After being on the road 5+ months in our Fireball, all I want to do when I get home is get rid of stuff. Friends don’t quite understand how I can get along just fine with only two pairs of shoes, but it’s quite liberating to have so many choices of stuff that doesn’t really mean anything. Even now that I’m home, I find that I still wear the same few items of clothing that I wore everyday on the road.

    We hadn’t seen any TV since we left home in December. Been home three weeks now, and turned it on last night for an hour for the first time. So, I guess that’s one more thing to go – there just really isn’t anything I want to watch (although I probably would watch the Tiny Homes type of shows, if we had those cable stations, which we don’t).

    Are you headed toward Michigan or the Midwest this year at all? Would love to meetup with you and Glenn again.


    • gconthemove says:

      Hope spring is finally in Michigan! Loved reading your posts on your trip. You two pack in some very interesting places. Not sure of our winter plans. Would like to come to Michigan to ice fish and then head south. Will give you a holler when we are in the GR area.

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