Mississippi’s Petrified Forest

We spent two nights at the 11 space campground in Flora, Mississippi.  It is the site of the only petrified forest in the Eastern US.  You know how much I love rocks so I had to go.  The campground is underwhelming but quiet. ($24 a night for full hookup.)  There is a great museum filled with rocks, gems, and crystals from all over the world.  Not being much for shopping normally, we enjoyed looking at the local pieces of petrified wood that had been cut, polished and varnished.  Took everything I had to walk away without buying one — the downside of living in a truck camper is not much room for extras:).  Glenn thought the 10 foot Amethyst crystal cut into pieces was super cool but we DEFINITELY don’t have room for that!

The walk through the woods is short – about 1 1/2 miles but it is wooded and well marked with different specimens.  If you are thinking of going, it is worth the stop.  The clerk asked if we had a Groupon and I hadn’t even thought of checking for it; so after hoofing it back to the camper for the phone, we scored two admissions for just $7.00.

petrified forest logpetrified log

petrified forest on natl register

I want this at our house

I want this at our house

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2 Responses to Mississippi’s Petrified Forest

  1. gconthemove says:

    Thanks Janice – I love the researching and finding places to go that are not on the ‘top tourist spots’. I learned some of my techniques from you! It seems like most small towns and areas have something interesting. I usually pour over the map looking for green spaces and research from there since Glenn isn’t interested in the ‘largest ball of twine’ type of places:)

  2. Janice Broussard says:

    I am so glad to see you both enjoying yourselves in your retirement. You are so lucky! I wish you many years of health so you can continue this exciting journey in your lives. Keep the posts and pics coming so we can live vicariously through you. Cheers!

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