Lessons learned with Walmart gas

Now we are full time travelers to small towns that are close to our travel route and obsessively cost conscious (read penny pinching) Walmart has taken on a new meaning. We shop there for almost everything we need.

So far we have some lessons learned using the Walmart gift card to buy gas to get the  discount per gallon.  First, state law in Alabama and Florida prohibits the use of this discount and second,  it is only good at on-site gas stations.  This was our learning this week.  Most Murphy’s gas stations are close to the store usually just across the parking lot, however it has to be ‘on-property’ to be able to use the card for the discount.  That is why I am now using the app to see which stations the card can be used at instead of saying bad words at the pump in frustration. Their mobile site is well designed to find the nearest location with filters for  stations selling diesel.

If you shop at Wally World, do you now look for receipts in the parking lot to enter into their Savings Catcher app?  The app makes it so easy to register your receipts, we have started to look for ‘strays’ and we are almost up to $22 in our account.  We have friends that have ‘found money’ jars, change they find in parking lots, etc.  This is our version of ‘found money’:)

Area fuel prices: Unleaded $2.07, Diesel $2.72

Area weather: Morning 55′, Clear high of 75

Retired and On The Move:  Six months




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2 Responses to Lessons learned with Walmart gas

  1. Richard Behling says:

    I get an automatic 5% credit on my PENFED Platinum Cash Rewards VISA credit card for all fuel purchases.
    You just have to deposit $1,000 into a savings account.

    • gconthemove says:

      Richard – thanks for the tip and we’ll check it out. Now I understand why ‘senior citizens’ were always chasing rates on CD’s etc. We opened an online account just for higher interest rates and use our credit card for cash rewards. Every penny is precious! Tell Debbie hello.

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