Leaving Texas and the nicest, cleanest bathrooms

Leaving Texas means leaving behind Buc-ee’s, a Texas convenience store, with a well earned reputation of having luxurious, clean bathrooms.  They have done a great job at making their convenience stores a destination — go potty, get fresh food made to order, and shop for cleaver branded merchandise. Like many Texas travelers, we plan our gas/snack/bathroom breaks around Buc-ees.

Cleanest, nicest bathrooms for travelers

Cleanest, nicest bathrooms for travelers

We stopped at the Madisonville location to get gas.  To illustrate their ‘pulling power’, they don’t even have ANY signage that tells the price of gas.  You just go because of all the other reasons.  Most of the time their gas is on par or a little cheaper than the other area competitors but this helps illustrate the power of their brand promise.  At this particular location, they have 64 pumps – all with gas and diesel and no waiting in the bathrooms with 30 individual stalls just in the women’s.  This is not their largest location — another one has 83 mens and women’s ‘Taj Ma-Stall’s’ as the owner says.

I know the cleanliness and the neat branding of everything imaginable gets me to stop, but I also have an affinity with ‘the beaver’ since my high school mascot was the Beavers (yes I’ve heard all the jokes).

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