Keeping the local landfill at capacity and still enjoying happy hour

I knew it would need to be done, however I didn’t picture the first three weeks of retirement to be so grueling.  We spent 8 – 10 hours each day unpacking, sorting, and repacking our stuff that we had taken to Mississppi four years ago when we sold our last house and then the truckload we brought with this move.  Who knew you could have so much stuff without any furniture being moved??

So we decided to REALLY downsize since we will be on the road so much in the future.  We donated two huge loads to a local church for a rummage sale and then sent the rest to the landfill as evidenced by the pile in front of the house.  The trash crew was probably glad as heck to have us finish up and get on the road.

On a positive note we stopped every evening and had happy hour on the front porch.  Needed something to prove to ourselves the retirement thing was really happening.  Of course we had snacks with our adult beverage and since we are in the south we had several nights with boiled peanuts and fresh roasted peanuts.

Happy Hour!Tooooo much stuff

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