Junipers Reservoir, Lakeview OR

6,000 acres of hiking and biking trails, a reservoir with catfish and trout, wildlife to watch, and clean bathrooms equals campground LOVE!  How did we fall in love?  Junipers Reservoir Campground near Lakeview OR is on the edge of the high desert portion of Eastern Oregon and really connected with us because it is off the 2-lane highway about a mile through a working cattle ranch and has wide-open views of the surrounding mountains (big hills) . Welcome sign at the north end of town

We initially made the reservation because of our Passport America membership discount.  On the first day of our three-night stay, we saw coyotes, antelope, mule deer and quail on the first day and we were hooked.

As my aunt Harriet says, “Things work out like they are supposed to” and it turned out to be true again.  The evening campground hosts needed to leave the campground unexpectedly so  we asked if we could stay until October 15 which is the end of their season.  It was perfect timing for us since we didn’t have any set plans for the next few weeks and will get to explore this area of Oregon more fully.  We’ve learned about so many places in the area to visit from the other campers that we would have never known about if we were not here for an extended stay.

View from camground

View from campground

If you are heading out this way, it is a nice campground with only one main loop and all camp sites have nice views of the ranch.  The bathrooms are so clean and have almost a luxury feel for us – heated, warm water, large showers – something we don’t get often.

I’ll post about some of the places soon as we head out during the day.  It is a short drive to several remote Outback Oregon sights.

BBQ grills to use

BBQ grills to use – nice for our Alaska salmon

Sunset from campground

Sunset from campground

Photograph by fellow camper

Photograph by fellow camper

Coyote photographed by fellow camper

Coyote photographed by fellow camper





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  1. Don’t you just love it when things work out so perfectly? Enjoy hanging around one spot for awhile.

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