Eufaula – how many beautiful houses can there be in one town?

As our last stop in Alabama before entering Georgia, we stopped in Eufaula on the suggestion of our friends James and Diane.  They said there were pretty homes and an interesting, vibrant downtown for small town.  Very true.  We walked around drooling over the beautiful trees and homes that are on several boulevards.  For a treat we enjoyed a couple of beers and appetizer at a Cajun downtown restaurant.

It is unusual to see a small town (that isn’t the county seat) that still has a vibrant downtown district along with an outlying WalMart shopping area but Eufaula does.  It looks like there is a big vote coming soon – to convert a busy two lane into a four lane road — which will take out many beautiful mature trees along the main boulevard.

We discussed how people can afford these type of homes in a small town that didn’t look like it had  a lot of high paying jobs.  Our curiosity got the better of us and we looked up the price of some of the big mansions for sale.  We found out that we won’t be in the market for a beautiful southern mansion on our retirement budget:/

We stayed one night at the Corp of Engineer’s park in the White Oak Campground.  It is a big campground, however only two loops are open.  We saw three campers in one loop and we were the only ones in the second loop.  The bath houses are clean and located at the end of each loop.  Eufaula Lake is large and this campground is located about mid-lake with about 1/3 of the sites located on the water.  It would be a great place to take a family since it is very sandy and is shallow for quite a way into the water.  We paid $26 for water and electric only.

Eufuala beauty

This stunner was for sale

This stunner was for sale


Easy to walk out into lake

Easy to walk out into lake

Toby along the lake

Toby and TJ along the lake

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  1. James says:

    Tony is crazy but Marijke is a sweetheart!!! The pics of Eufaula are beautiful. It’s time for another update!! Be safe.

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