Changing the closet to get more usable space

Living in a small space forces you to look at your space critically all the time.  When we first started traveling in the truck camper, the tall ‘linen’ type closet was designated for  hanging some of our jackets and then with a tall hanging open shoe rack next to it.  The shoe rack had a couple of extra towels rolled up, our shoes, and another couple miscellaneous items.

Five empty shelves

Seven empty shelves


Much more storage and things stay in place

Every time we would drive somewhere, stuff in the hanging shoe rack would shift around and fall forward.  Glenn (the thinker) wanted to put in the shelves which I was against at first, but now am super happy with this change.

It gives us much more storage and more options on how to use the space.  Now we have totes for small items like fishing reels and other larger totes for rain gear, our inverter, etc.  Our shoes slide easily in on the shelves.

You can see the shelves are not finished on the edges but could be easily.  We covered the plywood with contact paper to make it easier to slide items in and out and to clean.

Our cabinet is entered into Truck Camper Magazine’s Mad Mod Contest.  If you want to vote for ours, this link should help you see all the mods and then click to vote.

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5 Responses to Changing the closet to get more usable space

  1. Aline says:

    I like the second one the best. But..I’m not the one who will be wenriag it..what do you like?..You need to see which one will go with your skin the best..I don’t know what the temperatures get to in the winter for, that would be a huge factor over here..which one is the gets brutally cold here in the winter. the white is also cute tho why not go to a store and try on a bunch ansd see which ones do it for you?

  2. Marijke Schellenbach says:

    Hanging space is wasted space as far as I am concerned. Now if I could just convince Tony of that.

  3. Dylan says:

    Got my vote! 😉

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