Cattail Cove State Park, AZ

Lake Havasu in Arizona is a large lake on the Colorado River – we wanted to put the boat in the water and make sure we  Lake Havasu City and the big pleasure boats.  We found Cattail Cove State Park  at the south end of Lake Havasu to be the perfect place for us.

Beautifully groomed beach

Beautifully groomed beach

We are early in the snowbird season so it wasn’t hard to find an opening. Sites 1 – 5 are closest to the immaculately kept beach.  We snagged site #4 – it backed up to a big hill and was close for us to pull our Porta Bote down to.

Nice place to pull up boats and tie off during stay

Nice place to pull up boats and tie off during stay


Rates are $28 per night and include the boat launch.  They were offering a pay for 5 and get 7 nights special.  If we hadn’t so many places that we wanted to visit on our way to Thanksgiving in Phoenix, we would have stayed for a week. The park is immaculate and the bathrooms are the nicest we’ve EVER seen in a state park.


The park is filled with quail – hundreds of them.  California Quail - Callipepla californica  They coo and skitter around the campsites.

We went out in the boat a couple of times and north of the campground there is a short canyon – we went up in it and saw 3 wild burros and a bobcat who had just caught a coot (duck) and was retreating up the hill for lunch.  Totally cool!

Unusual blue verde tree (outer brown bark already peeled off)

State tree – blue palo verde tree means green stick in Spanish

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