Can ‘nice’ be in the water?

We thought Texans were friendly when we moved there from Montana 18 years ago .  Now that we have been in Mississippi and Alabama each for several weeks, we found a whole new level of friendly.  When we were out running errands  in Mississippi we were always asked “you aren’t from around here are you?” and it always turned into a lengthy conversation.  So I’m glad we are retired now because it does take longer to go anywhere and do anything.

Now we have arrived at Foscue Creek Park in Demopolis to be a volunteer host at this wonderful Corp of Engineer park, the difference in people is even more apparent.  We have had campers just stop and chat with us as we are out checking sites, tell us their secret fishing spots, give us cleaned fish and cooked food.  Everyone waves and speaks EVERYTIME you get close to them – really nice to call this area home for three months.

I’ll post pictures soon of the park.  We have been busy getting used to working again and doing some biking, hiking, and fishing.

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4 Responses to Can ‘nice’ be in the water?

  1. Shelly Johnson says:

    Wow you guys have been busy. I just got updated on all your happenings. I’m so happy for you guys that it is all working out and you have NOT become ax murderers…but of course it is still early.

    Greg and I are off to Dominican Republic on Saturday for a week…soaking up the rays….drinking fruity drinks…and enjoying being pampered…it’s how we roll.

    Love your Blog and the pictures are incredible. It almost makes we want to camp….NOT!!!

    Miss ya!

    • gconthemove says:

      We’ll be looking at the same sunset as you this week during our happy hour tradition — feet up on spare logs in our folding chairs. We feel so young during the story swapping since the other camp hosts call us ‘kids’. I know you’ll enjoy yourselves.

  2. Marti says:

    You are right nice is in the water. Blows out the cobwebs or something. How come ya’ll aren’t in more of the pictures?

    • gconthemove says:

      You know I am the worst at even remembering to take pictures so it is Glenn doing all the clicking. Also, I’ve noticed that not working has made me a little more prone to not looking camera-presentable:)

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