Bubble top cars and hot rods in rural Oklahoma

In choosing the route to get from Texas to Michigan, I did my ‘what is cool to see on the way’ search before settling in on a particular route.  I like to look at Roadside America, Good Sam Trip Planner (allows you to pick out natural, quirky, etc attractions), Atlas Obsura, and Roadtrippers.  I like to see all the options before making a decision which sometimes makes Glenn a little anxious thinking I want to do it ALL:)


Predicta – a 1957 Thunderbird

While we are not big hot rod car fans, we do like to look at cars that are unusual.   Darryl Starbird’s Hot Rod Museum caught my eye because of the bubble top cars he designed and built.  It is off the beaten track, in Afton Oklahoma but worth the jog off the highway and the $10 each fee.  There are about 60 cars on display — some are ones he built for himself, others he built for customers, and some are loaners from other car enthusiasts.  Darryl has a shop next to the museum where he is still building cars — his way which is all metal and they must be street legal.

1981 Starship

1981 Starship

Darryl and his wife have put on hundreds of hot rod car events and have some fun pictures with all types of celebrities – even a 14 year old Carrie Underwood.  A national claim to fame was in the classic film American Graffiti when the kid was admiring his street car saying it is ‘just as cool as Darryl Starbird’s’.

One of other attractions I thought would be neat to see that WASN’T so great was the Pensacola Dam.  This dam over the Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees is the world’s longest multiple arch dam, spanning approximately one mile. The travel information said the dam towers as much as 150 feet above the riverbed.  Besides the miscalculation of mileage on my part of the distance to view it, a couple of things made this a bust for us:

  • the top of the dam is VERY narrow — it felt like we were going to scrape off the Porta-Bote on the cement railing — and due to a huge OTR event, there were big trucks with trailers loaded with 4-wheelers trying to negotiate the top of the dam
  • the water was WAY up so there was no ‘towering’ above the river bed
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