BLM boondocking in Arizona

With so much Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land in Arizona, we wanted to do some free camping and exploring in the warm, sunny weather.

our view from campsite - never saw another camper

our view from campsite – never saw another camper

We stopped into the visitor bureau in Bullhead City and picked up a map showing the tribal, BLM, and private lands.  While the map is not real specific, it gave us enough information to strike out for a couple of weeks on BLM land.

First we found a beautiful spot outside Lake Havasu City about 1.5 miles off historic Rte 66 without having to venture onto badly washed out roads.  There were several hills/buttes close by and we had desert bighorn sheep and wild burros walk near our camper.  I included the pictures below, but our camera just doesn’t cut it for these type of shots.

We had a blast climbing up the ridges and rock ledges.  Over the years Glenn has helped me immensely to overcome so much of my fear of heights.  I still don’t want to get to the edge and look down, but can do climbing and enjoy the view.

HIked up set of bluffs - Toby is WAAAAAY down there

HIked up set of bluffs – Toby is WAAAAAY down there

Then we headed south of Lake Havasu City where there are two main BLM areas campers gravitate to.  We stayed near the south end of town in Standard Wash area , a large mostly flat and open with small washes to walk in and enjoy.  There is a benefit with mountain views almost 360 degrees from here.  There is even a camp host camping near the entrance who makes sure no one stays longer than 14 days free allowed by BLM.

wild burros near our campsite

wild burros near our campsite

It is nice just hanging out in the sun, taking a walk, and enjoying the open spaces.  Even though we could see other campers, there was enough space for everyone to spread out.

Then we headed down to the boondocking capital of the southwest — Quartzsite.  We stayed West of town near Dome Mountain.  It is many, many acres and very few campers because we were here before the big crowds that come January and February.   We had privacy and chose a nice location that gave us mountain views with lots of sun for our solar panels.

Hiking destination BLM near Bullhead City

Hiking destination on BLM land

seven big horn sheep on the ridge near the camper

Desert big horn sheep near our campsite

crazy cohillo cactus

crazy cohillo cactus

Happy hour at BLM near Quartzsite

Happy hour at BLM near Quartzsite

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