Approaching our last work day in Demopolis

Three months have flown by and we are looking at our last work day at Foscue Creek Campground.  The other camp hosts have become friends and we will really miss them.  In fact Glenn has been bringing up the possibility of a ‘reunion’ in the spring of 2016 to all come back and volunteer.

Next week we will start packing and getting ready to hit the road.  Glenn has a couple more modifications on the truck and the camper to make our travel easier (I’ll do a post with all our mods later) and we have some cleaning, and organizing to do.

The fall here has been sooooooo beautiful.  The smell and crunch of the leaves takes me back in time as a kid growing up in southern Michigan.  There are so many hardwoods growing here- maple, sycamore, sweet gum, hickory, oak and more – all with their beautiful fall colors.  I ride my bike on the trails just to hear the crunch!

The pictures below show a little color and how large the sycamore leaves are.color change ground leaves sycamore

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