11th Hour need for Emergency ‘go-bag’

Sometimes the serendipity of travel is interrupted by severe weather events.  Severe weather can be a challenge when you are not familiar with local resources, weather patterns, history, etc.

We are in Alabama this spring season and were reminded of this challenge last night when severe storms were predicted all night – flash flooding, tornadoes, and high winds.  Well, at 9:00 PM we heard a faint tornado siren from town (neither of our weather radios did not go off) and moved to the designated tornado shelter – a cinder block bath house in the campground.

Alabama has an active tornado count and we really should have been planning ahead by preparing a ‘go bag’ of some sort to take with us to a shelter in case we needed it.  I thought of this while standing in a very small area with about 13 other wet campers and 10 wet dogs.  (How come no one brought their cats?)  Only one person, a camp host friend, brought a ‘go bag’ with her and suggested that it would be a timely blog post to help remind other people to prepare.

Average number Alabama tornados

Average number Alabama tornadoes

Image result for rv park convent la tornado

Cruel reminder of tornado damage from 2/23 at RV park in Louisiana

In her ‘to go bag’ she always keeps some items and adds to it at the last minute.

Always in pre prepared bag (just partial list):

  • Emergency blankets
  • Water purifier
  • Flashlight
  • Flash drive with important documents
  • First aid kit

Adds at last minute (partial list):

  • Keys
  • Medications
  • Snack
  • Computer
  • MiFi internet card



We were lucky with no damage here in our area.  The next morning when we heard about the damage to the RV park in LA, it made me start packing a bag and to get more familiar with our weather radios (hint – always keep spare batteries for the battery powered unit plus the electric hookup unit with battery backup).  Full time RV travelers need to constantly look at the type of items they have in their bags based on the area they are in and the type of camping you do ie remote boon-docking vs resort camping near a town.  Below are a couple of useful sites to look at what to include in a ‘go bag’ and RV emergency planning.


The Fit RV

Travel Toast Tips

RV Life Bug Out Bag


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3 Responses to 11th Hour need for Emergency ‘go-bag’

  1. Good idea. We haven’t done this, but it sure makes sense, especially as we head toward Tornado Alley in the spring.

  2. What all do you put in your bag Ed?

  3. Ed Matter (LOA,Setters) says:

    Glad you guys are OK , I have a small bag I keep in the truck/camper all the time…

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